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Voluntary PreK Education for 4-5 year olds

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is a time when children are making connections between what they know and what they are learning. As they leave the world of preschool and head towards kindergarten, children are learning to participate in routines, demonstrate ability to make decisions, and plan ahead.

Daily activities at Dreaming Big are designed to help children continue to make decisions on their own and in the classroom. We prepare them for the next stage of their education while giving them a place to feel comfortable and safe to explore their interests.

According to a statewide assessment, more students that attended prekindergarten at Dreaming Big tested fully ready for kindergarten than their non-Dreaming Big classmates.

Dreaming Big creates its programs to align to approximately 140 standard learning objectives that progress sequentially across six developmental domains. These include:

  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Executive Function
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Physical Development and Wellness

You see, our holistic approach in the classroom engages young minds with the early learning fundamentals they’ll need as they continue on to kindergarten, with a rich blend of skills, interests and a love of learning.

Our Prekindergarten Program Features

  • Activities and lessons that help prepare your child for kindergarten and school success
  • Small-group lessons focused on mathematics, Spanish and literacy
  • Whole-group activities that help your child build an awareness of others and a sense of community
  • Hands-on experiences that encourage independent, creative learning
  • Classroom activities and design features that help your child build literacy and numeracy skills
  • Regular teacher-family communication, including ways to connect your child’s learning at home