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Center Experience

Dreaming Big Learning Center is designed to be a fun and safe learning environment while your children are away from home. Here, your child can have fun, grow, learn, and meet new friends at our day care.

Your child’s safety is important to us at our daycare. Our furniture and play areas are well-maintained to keep your child safe as they learn and play. Our facility is carefully designed to create a fun and safe learning environment where a child’s learning and development stages can grow.

Child Safety Measures

At Dreaming Big Learning Center, we have strict child safety measures in place that limits unauthorized visitors from accessing our day care. Parents can rest easy knowing that only an approved friend or family member can come to pick your child up. For example, if you are not able to pick up your child after work, but have your mom to come in your absence; if she isn’t on the list of approved people, she won’t be able to take your child home with her.

Healthy Lunches

We offer healthy and wholesome lunches five days a week that also includes juice, milk, or bottled water. We provide a clean and sanitary eating environment to help keep your child healthy at our day care. You can rest easy knowing your child’s nutrition is well taken care of.

At Dreaming Big Learning Center, we’re dedicated to promoting your child’s growth and development in a fun learning environment, which gives you peace of mind while you are away.