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Selecting the Right Child Care Center

At Dreaming Big Learning Center, we know that choosing the right care center is one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make. We know how important it is to find the best learning environment for your child when you are searching for the right day care in the Kissimmee, FL area.

Fun and Safe Environment for Your Child

We provide children with a fun and safe environment where parents can rest easy knowing their child is well taken care of at Dreaming Big Learning Center day care. Parents trust us to help their children grow and develop intellectually, socially, and physically in a fun learning environment that both kids and parents enjoy.

Building Relationships and New Friends

You’ll find that our teachers at Dreaming Big Learning Center are passionate in teaching our innovative programs to your child, which promotes your child’s development. Our teachers include and share major milestones in your child’s life with you so you aren’t missing out on your child’s growth and development while you are away at work.

Questions to Ask Yourself When You are Selecting a Child Care Center

Choosing the right day care can be an arduous and stressful challenge. You want to be confident in your decision when selecting a child care center because you want your child to learn, grow, and have fun in a safe and warm environment.  With over 00 years of experience and a staff of CPR and First Aid Certified and Licensed Teachers, Dreaming Big Learning Center understands the concerns you have when choosing a day care.

Ask yourself the following questions when you visit a child care center as they will help you make your decision easier.


  • How does the child care staff communicate with you?
  • Does the staff give your child individual attention?
  • Do the teachers read to the kids?
  • Is the staff receptive and patient with the children?
  • What is the ratio between children to teachers?
  • Is the staff happy and positive when interacting with children?


 Your Child Safety

  • Is the facility clean and in order?
  • Does the facility have age-appropriate toys?
  • Are there any hazardous materials present?
  • What is the facility’s emergency plan?
  • What are their security measures?
  • What does the facility do if there is a sick child?


 The Children

  • Does the facility provide an easy to follow routine for the children?
  • Are the children happy?
  • What is the discipline policy?
  • Are the children engaged in a safe and fun learning environment?


 Your Initial Thoughts and Feelings of the Facility

  • Did you have a positive reaction when you visited the day care?
  • Would your child have fun?
  • Would your child be safe?
  • Are you comfortable with the facility’s programs?
  • Will the facility help in your child’s growth and development?

 Additional Questions

  • Are you able to visit the facility at any time?
  • What are the teachers trained and certified in?
  • Are you able to see their licenses?
  • What happens if there is an emergency?
  • Are there substitute care givers?
  • How do the care givers put kids down for naps?
  • Does the facility have a reference list you can call?


Dreaming Big Learning Center can confidently answer all your questions you may have so we can address any concerns you have. To learn more about who we are and what we have to offer, please contact us to schedule a time to come in and tour the facility and ask any questions you have.